Abstract/Project Description

In order to test our algorithms for control of building Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, we'd like to develop a Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation. The idea is to use an existing test panel of control modules in our lab and connect them with a building simulation in Energy Plus ( 

The project is ideal for two students. One student would be responsible for the hardware side of the project; this involves learning how the control modules work, and configuring them with ADC converters to communicate with a PC. On the PC, Matlab may be used to produce and read analog signals from the embedded platforms. 

Another student would be responsible for the software side of the project. This would largely involve working with Energy Plus and developing a virtual building.

The two sides of the project may interface using BCVTB ( This project requires dedicated commitment from both team members.


Recommended Coursework: E 7, ME 132, a class using embedded platforms

Required Skills: Matlab proficiency

Recommended Skills: Hardware side -- experience with embedded platforms and ADC. Software side -- experience with Energy Plus would be useful but not necessary.

Hours per week: 10

Length of Project: At least one semester.