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Personal Homepage Instructions

posted Nov 6, 2009, 1:01 PM by Yudong Ma   [ updated Nov 6, 2009, 1:15 PM ]

In order to create a Personal Homepage under People,  one has to follow the following steps.
1) log onto google site
2) navigate to Model Based Predictive and Distributed Control Lab @ UC-Berkeley -> People
3) click Create page
4) Select template as People_individual
5) fill the name u want for ur homepage
6) Select 'Put page under People'
7) Click Create page
8) do the modifications necessary and DO remember to change the profile photo :)

NOTE: about how to point the publication link 'Pdf' to ur pdf files for the paper. follow the steps below
1) navigate to ur homepage under people i.e
2) create a new page
3) Select template as File cabinet and fill the name as 'File'
4) Select 'Put page under *****'
5)Then add all the pdf files onto the cabinet by clicking 'add files'
6) right Click on the link download and select 'Copy Link Location'
7) Now u can edit the link in ur Publication and point that link 'Pdf' to the copied address.

And if you already have a homepage somewhere else,  you can simply add a link pointing to your own homepage.

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