Videos Prior to 2012

Autonomous Drive on Ice

Collaboration with Ford

Circular maneuver on ice with lateral stability control

Video of 2012 Experimental Results

Driver Model

Driver model with 3d Body pose - Estimation with wearable suite
Prediction based on historical and real-time data.
Vehicle is controlled based on driver forecasted actions.

Driver Model

Driver model with 3d Body pose - Estimation with motion capture system.
Prediction based on historical and real-time data.

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance with MPC and 3D Vision

Collaboration with Ford

Autonomous extreme maneuver on ice.

Model predictive control is used to follow the path of an expert driver. The maneuver consists of bringing the vehicle into a drift and completing a 180 degree turn on ice.
Collaboration with Ford

Video of 2013 Experimental Results

Lanekeeping Assistance System

Nominal MPC  with Predictive Driver Model.
Goal is to interveen only id lane departure is predicted
Collaboration with VOLVO

Video of 2014 Experimental Results
Collaboration with Hyundai

Winding track experiments

Lane keeping failure on winding track

This experiment uses Model Predictive Control (MPC) to keep the the vehicle in the lane while following a reference speed. The figure on the left shows the open-loop paths planned by the controller in blue. The red line is the upcoming road centerline. The figure on the right shows the commanded and measured steering angle.

The S-curve is a chicane on the winding road requiring a sharp right turn followed by a sharp left. Midway through the S-curve, the controller plans an aggressive left turn. However, the onboard lower level steering controller is unable to keep up with the MPC command and a lane departure occurs. This is seen by the large discrepancy between the commanded and measured steering values in the figure on the right. This issue has hence been fixed by imposing tighter rate constraints in the MPC formulation and tuning the lower level PID controller.

Autonomous Path Following on Winding Track

Successful Test (same as above) after proper design was employed.