Hyundai Center of Excellence (HCE) Distinguished Lecturer Seminars

2013 HCE Distinguished Lecturer Seminars

  •  5/9/2013 Ilya Kolmanovsky Professor University of Michigan Prediction and optimization-based control in automotive systems
  •  7/2/2013 Robert Bitmead Professor UC San Diego A critical examination of the performance of Model Predictive Control
  •  9/19/2013 David Cole Professor Cambridge University Modeling, Understanding and Modeling Driver-Vehicle Dynamics
  •  10/25/2013 Eric Tseng Technical Leader Ford Motor Company Vehicle Dynamics Control (traction control, ESC, RSC)
  •  11/15/2013 Mohan Trivedi Professor UC San Diego Human-Centered Framework and Holistic Perception for Intelligent Vehicles

2014 HCE Distinguished Lecturer Seminars

  • 5/15/2014 Raj Rajkumar Professor Carnegie Mellon University Autonomous Vehicles: A short history and their challenges
  • 8/28/2014 David Scheidt Professor Johns Hopkins University Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle Teams
  • 9/18/2014 Alberto Broggi Professor University di Parma Activities on Autonomous Driving at VisLab
  • 10/31/2014 Domitilla Del Vecchio Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology A Formal Approach to Enforce Safety in Cyber-Physical Transportation Networks

2015 HCE Distinguished Lecturer Seminars

  • 5/1/2015 Keqiang Li Professor Tsinghua University Control Issues of Advanced ACC System
  • 5/15/2015 Emilio Frazzoli Professor MIT Autonomy and the Future of Urban Mobility
  • 9/3/2015 Hermann Winner Professor University of Darmstadt TBD
  • 9/25/2015 Huei Peng Professor University of Michigan TBD
  • 11/6/2015 Masato Abe Professor Kanagawa IT TBD