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CarSim and dSpace dongles

We have two google calendars to book the CarSim dongles and the dSpace dongles.
Taking the time to book the dongles is a small overhead, but helps everybody to better plan activities and avoid conflicts.

Here is a list of the dongles.
  • CarSim 9 dongles
    • K109295
    • K114779
    • K116443
    • K116444
    • K116445
  • CarSim 8 dongles
    • K113995
  • dSpace dongles
    • 21771
    • 49367
    • 64742
Please make sure to make a reservation when using one of the dongles.
  1. To start making reservations, send an email from your Berkeley account to jacopoguanetti[AT]berkeley.edu. I will give you access to the calendar.
  2. To add the calendars to your Berkeley account, go to your google calendar and click "Other calendars > Add by URL". Copy and paste the URL below.
  3. To make a reservation, simply create an event in the corresponding calendar specifying:
    • your name
    • which dongle you are using (the ID listed above)
    • where are you planning to use it (MPC, VDL, HCE, etc.)
    • when are you planning to use it
  4. Free dongles are stored in this cabinet in the MPC lab.
  5. Please return the dongles when you are done. In case you need to use a dongle longer than planned, simply extend your reservation. If this generates a conflict with an existing reservation, please take care to inform the other interested person.

If you have issues or suggestions please contact jacopoguanetti[AT]berkeley.edu